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I document events and train individuals and organisations to use technology to tell stories. Have a look around then get in touch so we can work together.

“Adam has been volunteering for Friends of the Earth for many years but his media contribution really began in 2013 when he started the ‘Friends of the Earth’ podcast which involved recording and editing to a high standard.

Adam has also attended the ‘Friends of the Earth’ annual gathering (called Basecamp) for the last 3 years and documented the events, captured interviews, shared the entertainment which enhanced the message and ethos of ‘Friends of the Earth’

Adam has a valued and positive influence on ‘Friends of the Earth’ media and I am very happy to recommend him.”

- Joe Jenkins, Director of Engagement (Fundraising, Communications, Activism) at Friends of the Earth

“Adam Roxby was our first Student Nursing Times editor and as such he “invented" the role, adding much more creative work and writing to the role than we originally envisioned. He always chose interesting and engaging articles that were of a high quality. The topics that he selected to write about and his writing style proved a real hit with the readership.

He was passionate, committed and visionary during this time with us – for example writing, recording and sourcing content for the very first Student Nursing Times podcast, which I personally always enjoyed. He flexed his skills in editing, publishing and commissioning, and excelled in these.”

- Jenni Middleton, Editor of Nursing Times

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