About Adam

I am based at an old workhouse in Suffolk, I work independently so as to provide a competitive service to a number of clients.

I am also a registered nurse, a black belt in Shotokan Karate and an avid gym fan.

I work closely with charities both national and local and frequently provide reduced or pro bono work as part of my commitment to social and environmental justice.

Charity clients include 'Friends of the Earth' and 'Colchester Soup'.

I also enjoy traveling, both for work and pleasure.

What I use ...

A number of people have asked for a list of equipment I use, so here it is. The list changes from time to time and I will post changes and updates to the blog. From time to time I might also post tutorials here to further help you in achieving your creative goals, but if you want personal and tailored help then just head over here to start talking about working with me.


Apple iPhone: The starting point to most of my creative projects. Weathers it's thinking of ideas and writing them dow or recording and editing complete projects.; the iPhone really is essential to my work. Have a look below for some of the Apps that I currently use.

Apple Macbook Air: In a world where the iPad and iPhone are getting more advanced and powerful there are fewer and fewer occasions when I feel the need for a laptop. However it is still useful for writing and basic editing on the go.

Canon Legria HD: Not a used as much now due to vast improvements in the iPhone's camera but still a hard working HD camera that has a good balance of quality and price and still better in many instances than the iPhone for many video projects I do.

RØDE VideoMic Me: I literally never leave home without this mic. I works across devices and delivers great quality. Have a look at myvideo review for more details, and don't forget to bring a wind shield in windy situation.

RØDE Reporter: A traditional reporter style microphone which is great for doing interviews and bits to camera. Needs to be used with something like the Zoom H6.

Zoom H6: A fantastic multitrack audio recorder. Either using the accompanying stereo microphones of with something like the Reporter mic it is a professional quality kit. Consider using it with a small tripod.

RØDE SmartLav+: A good quality lavaliere microphone (one that clips to your lapel). This connects directly to your smart phone and gives you good quality audio for use in your videos and audio presentations. Other accessories I use with this mic are the wind shield and SC6 which allows two of these microphones to be attached at one. Great for interviews.

Joby GorillaPod: Most of the Joby products a pretty good. It's useful to have a tripod to help keep your shots stable. This particular one has magnetic feet which helps it get into tricky places.

Blue Yeti: A powerful desktop microphone, great quality for podcasting and voice over work. Not very portable though.

Battery packs: As our mobile devices get more powerful, it is essential that you carry some kind of extra power. Either in the form of a powered case (like the Juicepack) or a separate battery pack. I am constantly changing which ones I use so haven't settled on a recommendation yet.

All likes to Amazon are affiliate links. They don't cost you any extra money but if buy from there then I get a small percentage.

Picture credits: Geoff Lawrence, James Sarek, Magpie image: Wacky Roger